Gas & wood heating specialists
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Gas & wood heating specialists
Visit our showroom: 38 Parkway Drive, Rosedale, Albany, North Shore

Gas & wood heating specialists
Visit our showroom: 38 Parkway Drive, Rosedale, North Shore, Auckland

Frequently asked questions and helpful tips about our home heating services

There's a lot to think about when you are planning to install a new wood fire or gas fire, so we've answered some of the most common questions below. If you are looking at installing a new fire or you are considering gas heating or electric heating in your home, then our friendly team are here to help. You are welcome to visit our showroom or get in touch to discuss your options.
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Nothing says comfort more than a fireplace, with its mesmerising flames and bone-warming heat. But which is better, wood or gas?

With gas fireplaces, fire is achieved at the flick of a switch. They are also easier to maintain. With wood fireplaces, the cost of fuel might be cheaper, depending on where you live and how accessible firewood is. And some could say that wood also has an authentic experience that you simply won't get with a gas fireplace. It comes down to preference, lifestyle and patience. If you can't decide, let us talk you through it.
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Each fireplace installation is different and has its own set of considerations. 

Before you install a fire, you should ask a range of questions. Where would you prefer the fireplace to be? Will it be against an internal wall or an external wall? How close will the fireplace be to furniture or doorways and walkways? What is the floor made of? Having an understanding of these questions before you talk to us will help make the process smoother and ensure your fire is installed safely.
It is very important that your new wood fire is sized right for your space for it to be effective. 

If a wood fire is too small for the space you are trying to heat, it will need to be overfired to achieve a result and the lifetime of the fire will be reduced. If it is too big, you will constantly be using it on a low setting and end up with soot on the glass and a build-up in your flue.

To help you choose the right wood fire for your home, we will need information about the size of your living areas, the age of the house, and the type of insulation you have in your home.

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Remember all wood fires need air (oxygen) to operate

In order for a wood fire to function correctly, it needs air (oxygen). The flue system is designed to pull air through the fire, but if your house is too airtight, the fire is fighting the natural draught in the flue and you will likely experience problems.

The recommended solution is to open a window to overcome the negative pressure of the house. If all the windows are closed, the oxygen level can be reduced. The wood fire needs oxygen to operate and so do you. It’s easy to doze off in front of the television, but you could be starving yourself of oxygen, so have a window open!
North City Heating is a registered wood fire installer and can also help with the building consent

All wood fire installations need to have building consent from your local authority before they can be installed. Even if you are replacing an existing unit building consent is still required. Most local authorities recommend that the wood fire is installed by a professional installer. North City Heating are registered installers. Talk to us if you need assistance with your building consent.
Quite often a new wood or gas fire can be installed back into the same position as the old one. 

North City Heating specialises in replacement fireplaces. As fires age, they will need replacing and quite often, a new fire can be installed back into the same position as the old one using the existing hearth and outer liner, reducing your installation costs. We’ll even dispose of the old products taken from your replacement installation at no extra cost. A council consent is needed even if you are replacing a fire.

Alternatively, you might consider replacing your existing wood fire with a gas fire. A gas fire can provide high heat efficiency and low running costs, for affordable warmth while still giving you the feeling of authenticity with a real gas flame.

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