Herschel Select XL Mirror Infrared Electric Panel

Available in 350, 500 or 700 Watt units

The Herschel Select XL Infrared Mirror Heater offers sleek stylish looks, combining function (it is a mirror) with an unprecedented level of heating comfort and energy control. Infrared mirror heater panels can be placed in humid areas such as bathrooms without any condensation forming on the glass, whilst also chasing away the causes of moisture that convection-based heaters actually encourage (hot air moving over a cold surface). All units are made with Mirrored Safety Glass



    350 watt = 660 x 660 x 25 mm
    Heats area of 6 -8 m²

    500 watt = 600 x 1000 x 25 mm
    Heats area of 9 - 12 m²

    700 watt = 700 x 1300 x 25 mm
    Heats area of 13 - 15 m²