<i>Heating Consultation</i>

Heating Consultation

After speaking to one of our staff members, we can arrange an in home consultation to recommend products that would be suitable for your situation and discuss the installation procedure.



North City Heating will not only sell you your new heating appliance but can offer a complete installation service. Whether it be installing a new wood burner or replacing an existing wood fire, we will look after not only the disposals of any old product but make sure that it is installed correctly by our qualified wood fire installers and with the correct paperwork (building consent). Also all our gas fires are installed by registered craftsmen gasfitters and a gas certificate is issued on the completion of the installation. North City Heating can also refer you to qualified trades people such as bricklayers, builders etc. to help make the installation process as smooth as possible.

<i>Council Permits</i>

Council Permits

If installing a wood fire you will need to apply for council permit. This can be lengthy and time consuming if not daunting process so if you’re not sure let the team at North City Heating do it for you. They will follow the process all the way through to obtaining Code of Compliance. However gas products do not need council approval.

<i>Registered Gas Fitters</i>

Registered Gas Fitters

All North City Heating gasfitters are craftsmen gasfitters and specialise in all gas appliances as well as having specialist training on the installation of all the major gas fires that we sell. Therefore, all installations are fully guaranteed by North City Heating and are certified with a gas certificate at the completion of the installation.

<i>Get Connected</i>

Get Connected

If a gas fireplace is the right kind of fireplace for you, then the next step is figuring out whether you can connect to natural gas in the street or whether LPG bottles need to be installed. Using our mapping systems we can quickly advise you if natural gas is available and then it's a simple process of connecting to the street pipes. If not, we are registered fitters for LPG gas and will take care of the whole installation. LPG installation comprises of a regulator, tails and two large gas bottles connected with pipes, placed in an inconspicuous place outside the home. Once one bottle runs out, it will automatically start using the second bottle and all you need to do is call your LPG supplier to replace the first bottle.

<i>Replacement & Upgrades</i>

Replacement & Upgrades

All products whether they are gas or wood need upgrading over time and in this area, North City Heating specialise in this replacement market. We can offer a wide range of products, whether you’re replacing an existing gas water heater, gas fire or wood fire. We can look after the complete process to make the transition to the new product as hassle free as possible. We will even dispose of the old products for you at no extra cost.



We make the process as easy as possible from consultation to installation


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Our large show room features our wide product range from all major manufacturers covering water heating systems, wood and gas fireplaces, space heaters and outdoor heating, with many working models on display. Visit our showroom today and let the team at North City Heating help you make the correct decision on your heating needs.
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